04 November 2009

Her best attributes

Although my readership may be limited, I hope to achieve a sense of questionnaire with this posting. The aim, as you see, will be to evaluate my own and others lusty tendencies! Below I will describe a scenario, and you - whoever you are - will hopefully let me know (truthfully!) if a) you have ever behaved as such and b) if not, am I rather lustrous to be thinking such things?

Here is the situation. I am walking down the street when I see a group of 2 or 3 women walking towards me (you should note that this scenario works for either men or women, there is nothing sexist about the practice, simply the example). Purely subconsciously, I quickly evaluate the better "assets" of each of the oncoming woman. By assets, I mean, of course, their physical attributes :) Reminding you dear reader that I am referring strictly to a subconscious practice, I evaluate these attributes and quickly splice together all the better ones into one "super-woman".

Perhaps an example will help clarify. Three women are walking down the street. The first one has beautiful hair. The second has great legs. The third has a sexy sense of style. When you put these all together, you get a fine woman indeed! Again, you can do this with men as well. And I will reiterate that I never do this consciously. Rather, when you notice 2 or three girls walking together, my eyes simply dart over them quickly. My brain (which part of it that always thinks of sex - oh ya, both sides :) quickly remembers the better attributes of each girl, deletes the unsavory elements, and I am left with the image of one fine girl. Of course, when I look closer, I realize that what I'm looking at is not one very attractive woman, but rather 3 regularly attractive women!

So what do you think? Am I some sort of sexist pig? In my defense, I do this sometimes with men as well - I'm just not left with the same tingly feeling in my pants, so to speak. I simply think that there is a part of your brain that has selective memory. It keeps the good parts in reserve and suppresses the not so jolly memories. Sometimes I try to do this process consciously, but usually the spontaneity is lost and I'm simply not left with the same feeling. It still is pretty fun. We all have our strong and weak points; if we could replace our weak points with our friend's strong points, then this is usually what creates a really sexy feel. Kind of like the Constructicons in Transformers!

Ok, let me know what you think.