25 November 2009

Bigfoot, I not dead - Graham Roumieu

Thanks to my good pal Jacob who recommended me this book. Since I love awards, I will hereby grant "Bigfoot, I not dead" by Graham Roumieu, the following awards, of which it is fondly deserving, I promise:

  • best novel in the category of "takes less than 30 minutes* to read" - * unless you are one of those crazy Amazon.com reviewers who speedread through Anna Karenina in like 18 minutes
  • best novel about bigfoot
  • funniest graphic novel
  • funniest kids book that is not really intended for kids
  • most unexpected delight I have read in many years
The best way I can describe this book is through analogy. Imagine your smartest nephew - if you have no nephews, imagine the smartest kid you know that is old enough to tell you what sex is, but has not had sex yet. Ok, got him in your mind? You sure you have him in your head now?

Ok, imagine that kid was pretty good, but not amazing at drawing. Sort of like the Eli Manning of art class. Sure he is not Peyton, but he is good right?

Ok, now imagine this nephew of yours decides to write a book about a mythical creature. Yet the book is not really a novel. It is sort of an allegory, but with no lesson. Also, the story lines don't really fit together - kind of like the paragraphs in this blog entry.

Ok, now throw in a few swear words, some sarcastic witicism, and a crude sense of animal violence, and voila, you have Graham Roumieu's work. I promise you will laugh out loud.

Note, not for the faint of heart.

Instead, like Kerouac Bigfoot decide to travel land. Like Odysseus have hard time get back, romance some ladies and slay monster both figurative and real. Like OJ, just want run down highway for little while and clear name later.


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Great review Rich