17 October 2009

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown

The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown's new book , and this one centers around the not so secret society of the FreeMasons. It is classic Dan Brown - and by this I mean that I hate that I love it. Similar to a fat chick at an ice cream bar, I simply hope that nobody is noticing that I am gorging my face on the sinful delight.

I won't bother boring you with the plot - think something like blockbuster movie novel. Reading Dan Brown actually reminds me of my studies at University - while I'm studying, I'm so focused on cramming it into my brain, but a few weeks later, I don't remember anything. I imagine it is similar to having sex for the first time - while it is going on (all 19 seconds of it) it seems like the greatest adrenaline rush. But you quickly forget all about it, as you realize it wasn't really all that great. So what I'm trying to say, if you follow me, is that masturbation is probably better time spent than reading Dan Brown. But my god, you get so into it while your reading it!!!!

If I have to criticize it, I will say that Dan Brown has not clue when to use italics, as he seems to use them at will. The last 50 pages or so - after the denouement - are just plain awful. Robert Langdon, I thought, was interested in another woman in previous books, but there is absolutely no character development. Dan Brown probably liked to play with Rubix Cubes when he was younger, as the mix of pictures and little riddles is almost mind numbing.

Having said all that, much like the 200 million people who pre-ordered his book, I'm sure you will read this book. And honestly, it is a fun book, but you don't need me to tell you that there are literally thousands of "better" books out there.


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