06 November 2008


Yes we can.

I am now fully on the Obama steam train. I have to admit I was a Clinton supporter - not one of those nasty bitter ones who decided to skip the Super Bowl of politics, but simply someone who had not yet fully realized the magic of new President-elect. After his speech on Tuesday, I am now awakened to this near-messianic figure. Rather than simply writing the 9 billionth blog on the importance of Obama, on what he is going to achieve, his expectations, or the history of the election, I have decided to look up a number : that number is 44. Obama will be the 44th POTUS. So which #44 is he the most comparable to? I think you will be quite impressed wil the list. So first, the candidates.

The Candidates

Reggie Jackson - Hall of Famer, Mr. October, member of the 500 HR club, 5 time World Series champion and 14 time All Star.
  • Similarity to Obama: Known for his clutch HR prowess.
  • Difference to Obama: Obama is Mr. November.
Willie McCovey - "Big Mac", another first time ballot Hall of Famer, member of the 500 HR club, 6 time All Star, and the person for whom the Cove in SF Bay is named after.
  • Similarity to Obama: Many waterways are sure to be named after Obama as well.
  • Difference to Obama: Famously hit a line drive to end the 1962 world series, thus could not close the deal.
Hank Aaron - 25 time All Star, Hall of Famer, the HR king until passed by Bonds, and the last Negro League baseball player to play in the majors (he played for the Indianapolis Clowns believe it or not). Hammerin Hank is arguably the most prolific hitter in MLB history.

  • Similarity to Obama: Obama is the first Negro League baseball player to be elected President. Ok, that was is just a joke, everyone knows Obama is a basketball player!
  • Difference to Obama: If Obama were to take one of Aaron's famous HR trots, no one would mob him the way they did Aaron - there is simply too much Secret Service around!

Floyd Little - 3 time All American football player at Syracuse, and the first round draft pick of the Broncos in the first NFL-AFL draft in 1967, the "Franchise" - as he was known - literally saved the Broncos from implosion. He retired as the 7th leading rusher in NFL history.

  • Similarity to Obama: He is suppose to be friends with VP Joe Biden
  • Difference to Obama: Little had to follow his tacklers, Obama not only sets the path, but leads a nation through a hostile running defense.
Jerry West - "Mr. Clutch", lifetime member of the Lakers, 14 time All Star, top 5 all time in scoring average and 2nd all time in playoff scoring average. Quite literally the definition of a small guard.

  • Similarity to Obama: Clutch
  • Difference to Obama: He is white, or else this one would be easy. Obama is clearly a basketball fanatic and no other #44 in NBA history comes close to rivalling Obama's achievments. Shit the NBA silouhette IS Jerry West!
Ruthnium - tranisitional metal with 44 protons and 57 neutrons.

  • Similarity to Obama: each have a liquid density at melting point of 10.65 g·cm−3
  • Difference to Obama: Ruthenium is a polyvalent hard white metal. Obama is a polymath black human.
Forrest Gump - He wore 44 when he ran off the field looking for his box of chocolates.

  • Similarity to Obama: Both will be played by Tom Hanks.
  • Difference to Obama: Obama doesn't play ping pong that well.

The Winner

Hank Aaron. There can really be no better comparisson than the Home Run King. When Aaron broke Babe Ruth's long standing HR record, there were threats against his life. Aaron was the consumate slugger, belting out HR as he continued on his historic path to usurp one of America's most hallowed institutions (HR King, not President, in this case). The threats grew so bad that he even had an obituary written. Thankfully, Aaron showed that "Yes he can" and America showed that "Yes we can" by lashing out en masse against the bigotry. Aaron is universally accepted as a baseball hero for not only his home runs but his ability to rise up against the hatred.

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