01 November 2008

Librivox Short Sci-Fi Story Collection, Vol 6

This is a collection of short science fiction stories, randomly put together by the staff at Librivox. For those of you who are not aware, my name is Richard and I listen to audio books. I have been a recovering audiophile for the last 3 years, and Librivox has helped me through it!

This collection contains stories from such iconic sci-fi writers as Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and H. Beam Piper, whose story - Flight from Tomorrow - was easily my favourite of the bunch. Very Doctor Whoesque in its notion of time travel, it is the story of a man who goes back 52 centuries in a vain attempt to assert control over the universe. However, due to this natural atomic radiation, he ends up killing several people in the first atomic century (our own), prior to his capture and entombment under concrete (which 52 centuries later is the launch pad for ships, including his own time traveling ship).

Many of the stories, written in the early to mid 20th Century, deal with the atomic age and the consequences it will have on the world. Strangely enough, we sit here today, 50+ years later, still debating the acceptability of nuclear as safe energy option. Thankfully, we haven't dropped any more nuclear bombs on one another.

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