10 November 2008

The land that time forgot - Edgar Rice Burroughs

From the creator of Tarzan, comes the first part of the dinosaur trilogy. I won't linger too long on the details: man is taken prisoner by German U-boat; man takes over command of submarine with help from British tugboat; man falls in love with girl; submarine becomes lost in the Atlantic ocean; submarine discovers lost world where evolution has slowed down and where dinosaurs still exist, along with primitive man; man struggles with beast and primitive man, but loses his love; man wanders, yet survives through use of ju-jitsu (????); man finds woman; novel ends with couple hoping to be rescued.

It does beg the question, are there remote outposts of humans and animals yet to be discovered? The answer, as we know, is yes (http://www.survival-international.org/campaigns/uncontactedtribes). If they have yet to be discovered - or at least contacted - then one could speculate that there is at least a certain possibility that ancient flora and fauna exist amongst them.

Next up is "The people that time forgot". I would suggest Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World" as it pre-dates Burroughs work, and is very similar in many regards.

"There is another place we can go," I sent back my reply, "and we will before we'll go to Germany. That place is hell."

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