16 June 2009

The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

Aravind Adiga's debut novel, which captured the 2008 Booker prize, is truly a modern Indian novel. Adiga introduces us to taxi driver, Balram Halwai, whose lust for upward mobility drives him to actions he would have once considered unthinkable. You see, Balram is child of the Darkness, and in order to reach the Light, it will take some fairly sinister and deviant actions on his part.

A dark comedy, written with brilliantly scathing acumen into the India of today. Think Slumdog Millionaire but without the Bollywood subtitles. Adiga shows a dry wit and a blunt humour that bodes well for his career. Certainly one of the better Booker winners.

In terms of formal education I may be somewhat lacking. I never finished school, to put it bluntly. Who cares! I haven't read many books, but I've read all the ones that count.

1 comment:

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