02 June 2009

Deathworld - Harry Harrison

It seems as though I have grown accustomed to Harrison's sci-fi brand of writing. I first read his entire Eden trilogy, which envisioned a world where reptiles were the dominant species. I have also read a number of his short stories. Now I have come to his deathworld series. I have to admit that when you need to think about nothing, you could do worse things than read Harry Harrison. Ethical sci-fi writer he is not, but he does know how to simply tell a story and stretch your imagination.

Deathworld is a fairly simple yet overly trite plot. There is a planet, known as Pyrrus, where the very planet is evolving life forms for the sole purpose of attacking humans. When our hero, Jason dinAlt - a rogue gambling addict with psionic abilities- finds himself on the planet, he suddenly feels to urge to get to the bottom of this mystery. What he finds out, naturally, could mean death for him.

I will grant this book one thing - phonetically, the book's protagonist and I share the same last name. Other than this, I can't really see myself recommending this book, even to other sci-fi fans; there are simply many others worthwhile books to read. Let's put it this way, I don't plan on reading the sequel.

But they shook hands then because they were both strong men.


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