11 October 2007

Tired of repetition

Well after all that talk, the Ontario election results were pretty much unchanged from 4 years ago. I feel disgusted with the whole process. I don't have the energy to discuss it here. At least not right. Politics are all bullshit. People, we are seriously going astray in this province and this country. I'm not talking about the results per se. The voter turnout was 50% across the province. The Liberals now control the provincial legislator with about 41% of the vote. Using that public school math you learned, you will realize that about 20% of the adult population support the Liberals (or rather, voted for them - there is a difference). So 1 in 5 adults voted for our government, who now have about 70 of the 106 seats. How do we get more people involved in politics? Will that even make a difference? More later.

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