26 September 2007

Men without Women - Ernest Hemingway

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Recommendation: What good is man without woman, I ask you?

Why you should read it: This short story collection of some of Hemingway's early works is for those partisans of bullfighting, boxing an war.

Why you shouldn't read it: You prefer novels and not short stories. You prefer a dichotomous view os the male-female interaction. You abhor male chauvinism.


Anonymous said...

You are a reading machine.

I have to say Rich, that I enjoy your longer reviews!

Not that I don't enjoy the shorter ones too of course.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo

I actually think that I will come back to the longer reviews. I felt that some of the longer reviews - or at least the later ones - I was constrains by having to put a longer review. When I feel the need, I will certainly make it longer!