22 April 2009

The abstinence teacher - Tom Perrotta

Well, as with all book club books, I try not to reveal too many of my thoughts prior to our book club meeting. However, I will say that I am very happy that book club is back on again!! We had a temporary absence, but I think that we'll be back in full force.

I have to admit that Perrotta's book is a no-brainer, in that it was fun to read, although did not leave me with too much to say. The story about a teacher forced to teach abstinence in sex ed and her daughter's Born again Christian soccer coach, seems to be fraugth with potential social discussion, but ultimately is mute on many of these issues. One would expect Perrotta's characters to have more convictions, but they seem to be one dimensional and lacking in passion. Nevertheless, all the rampant sex should at least keep your attention, and I will say that not all authors need to imbue their characters with passionate convictions. Sometimes simply presenting the issues is enought to start a discussion. Such will hopefully be the idea when we meet for book club!

John had his arms out and his wet stricken face turned to the sky, his expression frozen somewhere between joy and terror as he stepped onto the field. His lips were moving as he made his way slowly toward the girls, but Tim couldn't hear a word he was saying.

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