29 March 2009

Asia and Oceania - Round 4, Regional Final

This is the Regional Final of the Asia and Oceania bracket. If this is a surprise blog to you, go back and read my previous posts. I am touring around the world (not literally) to find the best tourist destination in a 1-1 loser goes home March Madness style tournament.

(8) Nepal vs. (3) Istanbul
The winner of this game will be the first qualifier for the Final Four, to be contested in Geneva, Switzerland – a destination actually not found in the tournament, but one which will ensure a neutral setting (not to mention great chocolate!) From the tip-off, this is a hotly contested game. Istanbul uses a litany of strategies to deal with Nepal’s big man, that mountain of a man, Mount Everest. For Nepal, the Hindu deities, the world’s largest mountain and the mystical city of Kathmandu go up against the city over two continents – Istanbul, and her unrivaled place in the history of the world. Indeed, Napolean, once said that if the world were one state, Istanbul would be her capital. At half time, Nepal hits a buzzer beater 3 pointer from half court to go up by 1 point.

At the start of the second half, Nepal pulls a strange change of pace, dressing their flag and substituting the flag in at guard. Istanbul is simply mesmerized. As the only non-rectangular flag in the world, they simply do not know HOW to play defense against two triangles one on top of the other. The flag is seen as the hero of the game and, despite only playing one half of one game, is given the MVP of the Asia/Oceania bracket. Istanbul goes home in defeat, at least knowing that the perfect falafel awaits them, along with the sweetest baklava.