15 July 2008

The Wandering Fire - Guy Gavriel Kay


Book 2 in the Fionvar Tapestry. All I can ask myself is why am I bothering to read through these books? I think I mentioned it as the first novel, but they seem to be pure Tolkein thievery. If not that, then certainly Kay has borrowed heavily from C.S. Lewis. His saving grace, albeit the element that turns me from the novels, is how incredibly lyrical his writing style can be. To the point where I would almost classify his writing as fantastical poetry - not prose - in the style of Thomas Malory. Ironically enough, King Arthur and Lancelot both make an appearance in Kay's epic.

Now of course, I must finish the third one! (now, how does that work, jeesh!)

I will note however that my copy from the Ottawa Public Library was signed by the author....that has to be worth something, doesn't it!?!?!?

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