16 April 2008

The third translation - Matt Bondurant

This booked sucked. I hate to see what the first and second translations were. Reading books like this reinforce my belief that if such rags can be published, surely my spewings would be worth a Nobel prize? Or at least a "most improved writer from my area code for the month award!"

Bondurant's trash also reminds me, somewhat unfortunately, at how well Dan Brown is at doing what he does. The third translation is like a kindergarden version of Da Vinci Code. I can't put it more simpler than Amazon.com has : "This is the latest novel trying to capitalize on the amazing success of The Da Vinci Code by positing an ancient mystery, contemporary scholars, rare documents, greedy collectors, and a quasi-academic protagonist." It all sounds so interesting (sure!?!?), but when you combine it with poor writing, even poorer plot and non-existent character development, you will surely understand the retching feeling I got in my stomach.

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