18 March 2008

Winter in Eden - Harry Harrison

Part 2 of Harrison’s West of Eden trilogy takes off immediately after the first book, in true Rocky style. Kerrick and his band of Tanu, who had destroyed the Yilanè city at the end of first book, now find them themselves amongst the remains of the ruined city. Herilack, Kerrick’s fellow Tanu leader, orders the band of tired hunters to leave the city and return north to their settlement. Friction arises when Kerrick stays on rather than return home with the band, as he feels he has unfinished work to do. Meanwhile, back in Entoban* (modern day Africa), Kerrick’s enemy Vainte, of the Yilanè, is already planning her revenge.

Harrison has certainly done a wonderful job in creating a fantastical world with fully realized characters. The second installment in the series certainly has the feel of a middle book, as some new characters are introduced (namely the sea faring Paramutans), but the main characters from the first book continue to dominate the scene. As well, there is no clear ending, as the reader must await the third and final installment to ultimately uncover if man or reptile will dominate Harrison’s alternative Earth.

Above the eistaa is only the sky