13 February 2008

Becoming Vegetarian - Melina and Davis

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Although I'm sure most of my readers would prefer the 2nd half of my top 30 list, I can report that the list is coming along nicely. I promise it will be bigger and better than the first half (I guess by definition it can't be bigger, but you get the idea).

On to the book that has been on my book shelf for the last 2 weeks. Ironically, as I have read about how adopting a plant based diet would help me be healthier, I have been actually been sick for the better part of the entire time I have read it!

Why you should read this - the most obvious reason to read this would be if you were like me and were contemplating a change to a vegetarian lifestyle. By Melina and Davis' definition, I would currently be labeled a near vegetarian. Even if you weren't a vegetarian, or had no interest in becoming one, this book explodes many myths about vitamins, protein, dieting and vegetarians. The book has been successful, from my opinion, as it was written by two registered nutritionists.

Many people stay away from vegetarianism because they prefer the taste of meat and because they think that animals were put on this earth for humans to eat. They view vegetarianism as a fringe group of hippies who care only about animal rights. Although many vegetarians commonly display compassion, a trait we should all look to epitomize, there are now so many more reasons to take on a plant based diet. This is no longer the 1960s where we knew little about food - heck, we didn't know of the existence of vitamins until quite recently. With a science behind nutrition, we now understand that a plant based diet can be healthier for your mind, body and soul.

Melina and Davis explore the myths of commonly held eating misconceptions. Research now shows what our mothers have been telling us for centuries - eat your vegetables. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in decreasing your risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases to look into what they are putting into their body. Becoming a vegetarian need not be your goal to enjoy this book.

Special thanks to Meechen for lending me the book!!!! (by the way, yes, I need to get it back to you :)

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