27 November 2007

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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From the man who brought you Sherlock Holmes, comes a tale of dinosaurs, adventures and the elusive missing link. If you are a fan of early science fiction and fantasy, you will love this book. Doyle has written an extraordinarily engaging tale, which he has written in lucid and colorful prose.

Need I actually give you a rundown of the plot? Thing a little more Doctor Who and a little less Dinasaurs, the TV series (not the mama!) An English academic, Professor Challenger, claims to have found a lost world in South America where dinosaurs still roam the earth. A party of Indiana Jones set out to validate his claim. Along the way they encounter mystery, adventure, and most definite of all - Danger! Oooh, doesn't it just sound terrorful.

I actually thought that Jules Verne wrote this novel, but as it turns out, the plot is simply very similar to the Journey to the Center of the Earth - it would seem that late 19th Century novelists were quite open to the idea that 35 foot creatures could still be hiding somewhere on earth without us knowing about it. Good thing we invented Google Earth so that homeland security can rest assured that we won't face external dangers from a group of Allosaurus.

Whatever fate may be mine through life, I am very sure that I shall never be nearer death than I was that morning.

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