02 October 2007

Game No. 163

Well it is 12:30 in the morning, about 28 hours after the MLB regular season was scheduled to end. But only minutes ago did it just come to an end. The Colorado Rockies are the National League wild card winners, after defeating the San Diego Padres 9-8 in 13 innings. WOW. There have only been 5 (if memory serves me correctly) instances of MLB needing an extra game to determine a tie breaker. Given the tumultuous ride of the last month in the NL, it was only fitting that this game go to extra inning and be home on a sliding play at the plate.

I realize many of my readers are not baseball fans - in fact, most rag on baseball for its tediousness and slow pace. But how can you not be a baseball fan on a night like tonight. Holliday won the batting crown and RBI crown in the bottom of the 13th by bringing in the tying run. He then slid face first into home on a sacrifice fly, cut up his face, but was called safe. In true american style, he had a hat of "NL Wild Card champs" on his head before the trainer could get to him and give him care for what will most likely require stitches. WOW. Imagine playing 163 games, and then needing another 13 innings to decide your playoff fate? How can you not love this game?!?!?

(apologies if this is a bit frantic, but its late at night, and I can only handle so much excitement past 8pm :)


Anonymous said...

WHAT A GAME!!! I'm pretty tired this morning... but it's SO worth it. I honestly thought it was over after the Padres took the 2 run lead into the bottom of the 13th with Hoff coming into pitch. I should know better by now. I hope the media don't make a huge deal about Holliday's slide into home plate. It didn't look like he touched it, but it could have gone either way. I'd hate to be the umpire on that play. There were a few plays in extra innings that were 'close'. I specifically remember an inning ending force out at second where the 2nd basemen looked to be off the bag by the time the ball finally rested into his glove - but we've all seen that happen. This game had a little of everything... how can you NOT love this game! Hoffman has a new fan in Julio!!

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