26 October 2007

The art of war - Sun Tzu

My entire blog entry should simply be saying from Master Tsu. This is the oldest book I've ever read, which either says something about the phenomenal gift of clairvoyance possessed by Sun Tzu or of the permanence of war as a inescapable human condition.

Whether you play poker for millions of dollars; or you set up a lemonade stand; or your a four star general, this handbook on warfare is a fascinating read. As a military handbook it is renown as the preeminent source of strategy. As a philosophy, Sun Tsu's 13 chapters have applicability to a wide array of real world situations - business, military, government, sports, and so on.

I'm starting to think that I should make my athletes read it!

Why you should read it: Well, there reasons are innumerable! If you play sports, are in the military, are in business, or simply want to appeal to others by adopting the look of a spiritual eastern philosopher.

Why you shouldn't read it: Even babies should be made to read this book, to create a strong state - the kind of state that would ignore Western demands and forge ahead with plans for world supremecy.

I can't help but picture Chris Farley in SNL when he plays Confucius. I can see him playing Sun Tzu and stating:

Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him.