11 February 2007

The inheritance of Loss - Kiran Desai

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Date: February 11th, 2007
Recommendation: An intricate and beautiful mosaic

Kiran, unlike her mother, Anita, managed to take home one of the most covetous literary prizes there is - the Man Booker prize. And this on her sophmoric effort, The inheritance of loss. Although I have not read her first novel - Hullaballoo in the Guava Orchard - there are no signs of a slump with Inheritance. This is not a novel for the John Grisham crowd. In terms of plot, there is little here. The power of Desai's writing is in the mood and balance she strikes in both the character's and the sense of reader's emotions. Without being idealogical, the novel sets out to tackle multiculturalism, globalization, nationalism, racism, love, filial piety and class struggles. Surely Desai's effort must be ranked highly in the annals of Booker winners - with only 2 more to read, look soon for a complete listing of the Booker winners.