14 February 2007

Happy V day


What a foursome! Jane Badler (the brunette) is so hot in that outfit. If you don't remember the Television show V, then you missed out on what of the best sci-fi mini-series ever made (wait is it the only sci-fi mini-series ever made?) A good prelude to today's blog....

It is Valentine's Day. I couldn't help but notice the litany of smiling high school girls on the bus today with their bushel of flowers and/or teddy bears in hand. What a bunch of morons. you realize that roses cost $50 for a dozen today, and they cost about 1/2 that amount tomorrow? If ever there was a holiday that was totally fabricated by our own materialism, this is it. And I will be very blunt in saying that this is entirely womens fault. Sorry ladies, but men would not care about this holiday if it wasn't for ladies. 1 billion cards are sent worldwide on valentine's day. Pre-pubescent girls aside, why do you think these cards are sent? For one reason - men's belief that a brief note saying "I choo choo choose you" will result in poontang.

Now your probably thinking, oh Richard you are just bitter. Actually I'm not. If I'm lonely on February 14, 2007, then I would probably be lonely tomorrow and yesterday and the next week. Likewise, if you are dating a jackass, and he sends you flowers on 1 day of the year, he's still a jackass, you ditz. And if your with a great guy or girl, and he or she doesn't send you anything on 1 day out of 365, then he or she is still the same person. Why would you get angry? You know what, better for him to forget about you today, get in the doghouse and then he can save money by buying you cheaper flowers tomorrow for making up for it. By the way, isn't make up sex better?

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Anonymous said...

O.k so your right! However, I do like to receive something on Valentine's day. I aggree about the flowers though, people are ridiculus if they are goign to pay that much for flowers on this one day a year, I mean You could get some matinies and LOBSTER for that price!!! Common people....lol

Good one Rich :)