25 February 2007

Emma - Jane Austen

Date: February 25, 2007
Recommendation: Although it may be as witty and well written as Pride and Prejudice, nowhere near as enjoyable


Upon finishing Emma, I came to the conclusion that many of the double-entendres, sous-entendres and miscommunication belied a undertone of humor for the reader. However, such enjoyment would only come from a second reading. I have enough sense to avoid such a sensibility! At times, I wonder if Jane Austen is merely a hyper-intelligent teenage girl. For the life of me, I need a wall chart to keep track of who is in love with whom in all of her novels. Characters fall in and out of love faster than the adult male chimpanzee takes to climax! If you are going to read one Austen novel, I would chose P&P, as it has a better pace and the reader is made aware of the sub-context much earlier in the novel, so as to make the read more fun the first go around.