23 January 2007

Even gay men dream of this

Amateurs take part in a pillow fight during tryouts for the Pillow Fight League (PFL) as referee Sarah Bellum (R) watches during a late night event in Toronto, January 12, 2007. The Pillow Fight League will hold its first live event in the United States in New York City on January 19. REUTERS/J.P.

There is a league in Toronto that is not playing fair. Oh, I don't mean that they are going around shoving needles in their butts or that they are rubbing Vasolin on their pitching hands. No I mean, there is a group of women who are charging spectators a price to watch them dress up in costumes and have pillow fights! I mean, if the NHL thinks it has problems attracting viewers now, wait until the PFL (Pillow Fight League) goes national and ends up on prime time CBS against Desperate Housewives. Don't think it will happen? Well, you my friend have underestimated the male libido.

This is essentially women in lingerie swinging pillows at one another in a bar. And yes, as the league organizer states
"it's not just hot blonds in negligees; the fights are real, and there's some fun to it. I think that's what the appeal is.." Right. I know I go watch women's tennis for Serena Williams powerful backhand.

In an seriousness, this sounds like an absolute blast. Who hasn't dreamed of going to a pillow fighting slumber party? From the looks of things, these are indeed serious women, whose dreams were crushed when Spike TV cut the Roller Derby league.

If the big show comes to town, make sure not to miss it.

The guys think it's for them because we have girls fighting, and the girls think it's for them because they're the ones doing the fighting. Indeed.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

PFL is a stepping-stone for Canadian women…

Hi, I am Laura Tunderin Geezus(R) an All Star fighter from the Pillow Fight League(R). Our league offers a unique source of entertainment, rules and determination from each player, the same as any other sport right down to poker, tennis and chess.

PFL fighters have stamina; endurance and the strength to out do our opponent(s). As fighters we take risk, at best we follow the rules and engage our audience in every one of our matches with our humors or creative fighting tactics.

When there is a tag team match, both teams strategize quickly before it starts. This is important since all PFL fighters have their own unique fighting style.

I love it, I am passionate about the PFL and it’s another stepping-stone for Canadian women in sports.

We train hard 2-3 times a week with our jujitsu coach Eric. We are a focus group of women who believe in the PFL, the same as our fans believe in us around the world a high percentage being women fans, I am grateful to you.

Thank You to all of our fans, PFL supporters and Canada for being so open minded and letting women express our selves through the Toronto Pillow Fight League(R).

www.GOPFL.com Your one click away from the Pillow Fight League(R), a truly amazing sport.


Laura Tunderin Geezus(R)

PFL is a stepping-stone for Canadian women remember that…

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